Incredible Reasons You Need to Visit Peru

The Andes are just incredible to hike. Views go on forever and the variety will leave you speechless. While on our Choquequirao Trek, we weaved up, down and through mountains for nine days. Although the longer version of the Choquequirao trek is for the experienced fit hikers, there are numerous other treks that will get you to amazing views without hiking for over a week. The Andes beauty is still so perfect and largely unspoiled. Hikers need to visit!
During our time before the trek we had a day to go out and find some adventure. The choices you'll find for adventure are way more than we anticipated. Peru caters for every level of adventure seeker. A friend suggested we go ride ATVs as a great way to have fun while adjusting to the altitude.
The Peruvian culture is all about blending. Old and new, foreign and domestic, colorful and restrained all mixed together to form a truly unique cultural mix. It is impossible to not be drawn into everything around you and why should you resist? We instantly fell in love with Peruvian culture and you will too.
The animals (both wild and domesticated) were so friendly. There always seems to be animals roaming free in Peru. Whether it is llamas, alpacas, parrots, or much more, you can't go far without seeing some. I love dogs and Cathy is a cat person. Dogs seem to happily go about their business and don't bother anyone.
They don’t really put any stock in fencing or gating animals. As a result, it is not uncommon to have a run in with some horses like we did while on the Choquequirao Trail. Peru is a country filled with natural beauty and the wildlife just makes it all the better.
The Amazon is an adventure unto itself that will make you want to visit Peru. Unfortunately we only got to see the outskirts of Amazon. Our guide on the trek pointed out all the amazing flora and fauna we were seeing along with teasing us about what we were missing on a full Amazon adventure. When we left Peru, I felt that we needed to return for many more adventures. The Amazon is one of those adventures.
Peru is a treasure trove of historical sites. They are literally discovering ancient sites all the time. Of course Machu Picchu is the most well known site in Peru, but there are so much more to see. During our trek on the Choquequirao trail we saw ruins that are far more remote, mysterious, and we had them all to ourselves.
Last but certainly not least in the list is the affordability of Peru. For all Peru has to offer, the surprising affordability of traveling to this country makes it a true unappreciated travel destination. Food, goods, lodging…all are very affordable and compared to some other destinations, a true bargain. In fact you can now even get really affordable air fare to Peru. Spirit Airlines offers some amazing prices for travel to Peru. They understand that people just want to get to their destinations and don’t need to pay for a lot of services they don’t need or want. Thanks to Spirit, you’ll pay less for your flights and maybe be able to indulge in a few more adventures in Peru.

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