Venture beyond the tourists and check out the view of both lakes from up above. The big beehive hike wraps behind Lake Louise and gradually takes you up to this stunning view point. The Tower of Babel hike behind Lake Morraine (a more advanced hike) takes you vertical to a view that is simply breathtaking (literally, you will be winded from the climb... but its totally worth it, I swear!)
Few people bother to make the effort or even know about these hikes so you may have the viewpoints all to yourself!
Alberta's badlands highlight the provinces's diverse landscapes. Strange tower-like rock formations jetting up out of the ground starkly contrast from the Rocky mountains just a few hours West. Drive along the 'hoodoo trail' or make a pit stop in Drumheller to learn more about the dinosaurs excavated in this region.
If you're a bit of an adrenaline junkie like me, than Alberta is your 'spirit travel destination'. You can literally sit on top of a mountain (as long as you're willing to do the work to get up there!). I highly recommend Mount Lady MacDonald; the views are just to die for.
Feel like facing your fear of the dark or small, enclosed spaces? Caving in Canmore will definitely challenge you to do so in their guided caving tours as you scale down rock walls and shimmy through narrow passages.
British Columbia is nestled between the Pacific and the Rockies, situated along Canada’s West Coast. It’s the place where surf life meets mountain culture, so there is definitely a “west coast” vibe. What’s even better, is there are tons of incredible natural landscapes and adventurous activities to partake in, just outside of Vancouver (though if you are exploring Van city, here are some unique souvenir ideas not to miss).
Surfers flock to Tofino, situated right on the West coastline 5-6 hours from Vancouver. While in the area, why visit Vancouver island, another surfing destination just a 2 hour ferry away. The island’s geographical location produces winds year round so it’s the perfect spot to try some water sports at any time.
BC is home to the rare white grizzly bear (aka the spirit bear) and if you’re lucky enough, you just might spot one. Visit the ‘Great Bear Rainforest‘ and take a guided tour, or visit one of the elevated viewing platforms to get a bird’s eye view of the mystical creatures.
Zipline in Nelson
In Nelson, you can experience a 300ft high zip line adventure across 2400 ft at 100km/hour, through stunning landscapes. Sounds pretty bucketlist worthy to me!
BC’s world famous Blackcomb mountain range is not to be missed during a visit to Western Canada. Standing over 7,000 ft high,Whistler has over 8,000 acres of terrain, 37 lifts and 100 trails. The longest trail alone is 11km long- get ready to feel the burn!

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